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Program OverVIEW

This program is an intensive, interactive twenty-four hour training program delivered over three days that combines lectures with bench scale experiments to illustrate and reinforce the concepts and theories presented during the program.  The experiments will be conducted in a small group format and group results will be summarized and discussed at the end of each session.  The program outline includes:

Day 1
Introduction—introduction to the focus and performance objectives of the program
Science of Math/Basic Algebra for the Fire Investigator—this session focuses on the relationship of math to fire investigation and discuses basic algebra and units
Heat Transfer—this session will discuss the concepts and definitions of energy and heat transfer as it relates to fire development
Heat Transfer Field Experiments

Day 2
Combustion –this session will discuss the various processes of combustion and the process of flame formation
Combustion Field Experiments
Fire Growth—this session will focus on the concepts of heat release rate, ignition, and surface flame spread
Fire Growth Experiments

Day 3
Fire Plumes—this session discusses the dynamics of fire plumes and plume behavior in the fire environment
Fire Plume Field Experiments
Enclosure Dynamics—this session focuses on the dynamics of fire behavior in an enclosure including fire development, flashover, ventilation flows, and the influence of smoke movement.
Enclosure Field Experiments

Gulf Coast FIRE is an approved provider of Continuing Professional Development Training by the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board (LAPELS).  Certificate Number 342


Additional Deliveries in US are currently being scheduled and additional information will be available shortly!

UK Course Delivery Scheduled - June 11-13, 2019!

Registration  Open  - Course Only Offered on Biennial Basis!


Gulf Coast Fire Investigation, Research, and Education, LLC and Dr. James Quintiere/Q-D, in partnership with Fire Investigations UK, LLP, are happy to announce the scheduled delivery of the Advanced Principles of Fire Dynamics residential training program in the United Kingdom June 11-13, 2019. The curriculum was developed utilizing a tiered learning approach with the objective of taking  students from a knowledge and understanding level of fire dynamics through the comprehension and application level of fire dynamics.  This program includes presentations and experiments on the following topics:

     Science of Math/General Algebra
     Heat Transfer
     Fire Growth
     Fire Plumes
     Enclosure Dynamics


     Fire investigators who want to add to and expand their knowledge of fire dynamic concepts & calculations.

     Engineers who need new knowledge in the theory of fire behavior.     

     Fire Fighters who need to better understand fire behavior and how to fight it.

    Students who are studying fire science, fire protection engineering, or forensic fire investigation and who want to better understand the behavior of fire in the real world atmosphere. 

Please see course flyer/advertisement for course booking information

UK -Advanced Principles of Fire Dynamics Program