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We offer a complete range of forensic fire investigation services including:

  • Origin and Cause Determinations of Fire and Explosion Events including scene examinations; scene documentation; evidence collection, testing and examination; and preparation of report of findings.

  • Case Management of significant fire and explosion losses including on scene management of experts and support staff including coordination and logistics of all investigations and examinations.  Includes the preparation, coordination, and documentation of joint investigation protocols, scene safety assessments, scene examinations, evidence collection, and joint examinations.

  • Technical Review of forensic fire investigation reports to ensure compliance with accepted principles and practices utilized within the industry including the review of  the reports of retained experts and counter experts involved in a particular case.


  • Litigation Support and Case Consultation for attorneys and trial teams involved in civil or criminal legal proceedings including expert witness testimony at trail or deposition as well as technical case review and hypothesis testing and analysis of expert reports and counter expert reports.

  • Additionally we provide professional support to fire investigation testing and research projects and provide the design, development and delivery of instructional programs and custom curriculum to all levels of the fire investigation industry.

  • We provide technical support and consultation to forensic investigations firms seeking accreditation to the ISO 17020 Standard to include preparation and drafting of Quality Manuals and Policies and Procedures.  Additionally, we provide support during the application and assessment process as requested to ensure success in the accreditation process.

  • We also work with certification entities working toward accreditation to the ISO 17024 Standard including drafting of policies and procedures as well as assisting in the application and review process.